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We3Kings, Inc. - Television News & Updates
Dance Moms - Miami on Lifetime

With two instructors, new dancers and (of course!) new moms, Dance Moms: Miami is ready to bring the heat! But it's not all fun in the sun tune in to the ALL-NEW dance docu-series on Lifetime Network.

The show features original music, including the theme song, by We3Kings.


Unchained Reaction on Discovery Channel

Unchained Reaction — executive produced and judged by Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman of "Myth Busters" — which is a new six-part series that pits two teams of varying backgrounds against each other to build an elaborate chain-reaction contraption. The show features all original music, including the theme song, by We3Kings. Catch it on Discovery Channel.

Watch the opening Theme.

Tabatha's Salon Takeover on BRAVO

Tabatha's Salon Takeover is an American reality television series on the Bravo network, in which former Shear Genius contestant and hair salon owner, Tabatha Coffey helps failing salons turn around in one week.

The show features original music, including the theme song, by We3Kings.

Watch the opening Theme.

The View

The We3Kings written & produced song "Sentimental (Born to Dance)", performed by Nikko Lowe, was the featured song in a recent episode of The View on ABC Television Network. Catch the dance performance by the Abby Lee Dancers from Dance Moms.

American Stuffers on Animal Planet

It turns out that animals don't need to be alive to get a show on Animal Planet, as long as they're still cuddly. This reality series focuses on the Arkansas firm Xtreme Taxidermy, featuring all original music, including the theme song, by We3Kings, Inc. Music.

"Keep the Light On" performed by Whiskey Falls is available on iTunes.


Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC

We3Kings has been commisioned to write additional songs & underscore for Season 5 of the smash hit reality show Toddlers & Tiaras on TLC.

Get a wacky behind-the-scenes look at child beauty pageants, featuring profiles of contestants and their parents.

Glam Fairy on Style

The hit Style Network reality series Jerseylicious has a new spin-off! Glam Fairy, starring NY (New York) Makeup Artist, Hoboken makeup school owner/ airbrush bridal makeup artist-- The Glam Fairy, Alexa Priscothe.

The show features original music (including the theme song) by We3Kings.

The Dr. Oz Show

Don't forget to catch season 3 of the Dr. Oz show which features music by We3Kings composers.

Outrageous Kids Party on TLC

We3Kings was commissioned to be the composers for the show "Outrageous Kids Party" on TLC.

The show chronicling children's parties that cost more than your average wedding has commentators questioning America's sanity.



the big C on Showtime

Check out this clip from Season 2, Ep. 7 of Showtime Networks hit show The Big C. The clip, which includes Oliver Platt and Academy Award nominee Gabby Sidibe, features the song 'Ladies First' performed by the artist Nikko Lowe and written & produced by We3Kings.

Check out the music placement here.

"Ladies First" is available on iTunes.


Dance Moms on Lifetime

Watch out Toddlers & Tiaras, love to hate them, there are some new stage moms in town!

Check out the new reality series Dance Moms on Lifetime. The show features all original music, including the theme song, by We3Kings.

Check out the Lifetime promo.

Surprise Homecoming on TLC

TLC pays tribute to America's brave soldiers with 'Surprise Homecoming', a compelling new series hosted by Billy Ray Cyrus that reunites military men and women with their families after serving time overseas. The promo features themed song, 'Keep the Light' performed by Billy Ray Cyrus (written & produced by We3Kings, Inc. Music).

Check out the TLC promo.

The Oniel's on OWN

The new show on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network: Ryan and Tatum: The O'Neals is an 8 hour docu-series follows the father and daughter acting dynasty as they reclaim their relationship after over 25 years of estrangement.

The show features music by We3Kings.



Minute to Win It on NBC

"It's Like Summer" performed by Lux Lovelle (written and produced by We3Kings) has been chosen by NBC to be the featured song during their summer tele-cast.

"It's Like Summer" is available on iTunes.


Deception on Discovery

Barry Keith Barry is a mentalist, illusionist, and expert in the fields of perception and deception who uses his powers of perception and persuasion to read his subjects' thoughts and control their behaviors.

Don't Forget to catch "Deception with Keith Barry"on Discovery Channel. The show features all original music, including the theme song, by We3Kings.

One Born Every Minute on Lifetime

Lifetime's One Born Every Minute is a hospital docu-series which features original music, including the theme, composed by We3Kings. The show takes an in-depth look at life inside the maternity ward as expectant mothers enter their final stage of pregnancy. From the delivery room, to the operating room, to the front desk, to the nurses' station, 40 cameras roll 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to capture the high drama, humor and overwhelming emotion of childbirth. The show is narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

Check out the promo for One Born Every Minute.

Extreme Make Over: Home Edition on ABC

We3Kings was commission to write/produce some song for ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition featuring the Brown family. The episode starred Justin Bieber.

The episode features 'Girls Put Your Hands Up' by Have2Have, 'Ladies First' by Nikko Lowe and 'Fun Tonight' by Kustom Kings...and remember, Don't Text while Driving.

Watch a clip from the episode which features all We3Kings placements.

Jerseylicious on Style

Don't forget to catch the hit reality show Jerseylicious on Style Network. The show features original music by We3Kings, who also wrote/produced the theme song performed by Olivia Blois Sharpe.

Dowload the theme song for Jerseylicous on iTunes.


Minute to Win It on NBC

We3Kings has been commissioned to write several Christmas songs for Minute to Win It for the holiday season. The hit prime-time NBC game show is hosted by Guy Fieri.

Check out this NBC Holiday Preview, featuring a rockin' production version of 'Deck the Halls,' by We3Kings.

Sarah Palin's Alaska on TLC

Sarah Palin's Alaska is a documentary series on TLC about our country's most majestic and remote state...seen through the eyes of its most famous resident. This is an epic journey through the REAL Alaska. The show, which is the highest rated show in TLC history, features all original music by We3Kings.

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